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color : simply & confidently

For the first time, you control the colored gemstone jewelry available to you.

Wear colored gemstones because you can. Know what you’re getting; and wear it boldly.

Because you don’t only want to wear diamonds.


color : finally possible


Hi, we’re Gessner Gems, and for the first time, we empower a generation of customers to create their own handcrafted colored gemstone jewelry. A career of colored gemstone knowledge that includes geology, mining, tracking, gemology and sales allows us to curate a personalised selection of the best colored gemstones at the fairest prices. It is finally possible to make buying colored gemstone jewelry an exciting, confident and stress-free experience.


speak to an expert

With literally a world of gemstones out there, including fake ones, you want to know you are speaking to an expert. When you call and speak to Robert and his team of gemologists, you know you will be advised accordingly on color, types of gemstones and current trends in fine jewelry.


curated colored gemstone selection

There is a world of options out there, but not to worry. Our team of gemologists are there to hand pick a selection of gemstones right for you and your preferences. Each gemstone selected will display the quality and value you expert.


design the jewel

We are here to make sure your jewel is made exactly to your desires for comfort and elegance. All our jewelry is custom for you, and made in the US.


Robert Gessner

Founder & CEO

Hello. I’m Robert Gessner, founder and CEO of Gessner Gems. I am a colored gemstone expert, GIA Graduate Gemologist and Geologist. We are empowering a new generation of online consumers that no longer need to be confused or unsure about colored gemstones; we are providing a much needed fresh look to colored gemstone jewelry and consumer confidence to buying colored gemstone jewelry online.


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