Introduction to Gessner Gems


Robert takes pride in meeting his client's specific desires and needs by sourcing the ultimate, fine gemstones for you, providing the piece-of-mind you expect in a confidential, trustworthy and professional manner. By choosing Gessner Gems, our clients are assured of the finest value for your investments.

Every natural gemstone has a powerful story and history, and each piece is wonderfully unique. Robert bridges the gap. He provides you with sought-after and rare gemstones with our distinctive network, featuring one-of-a-kind treasures from the earth.  Gessner Gems are sublime and breath-taking, and wearing these gems can become an extension of who you are.

With 15 years of colored gemstone mining and geology experience in East Africa, what sets Robert apart from all other gemstone suppliers is that he has been to and has worked on the colored gemstone mines. With firsthand experience, Robert knows what the best qualities available from the sources are, so you can be assured that the gemstones he provides are in fact the finest and best value available. 

Robert has been involved in mining companies sourcing the rarest African gems professionally, responsibly and sustainably. As both a geologist and gemologist as well as an avid photographer, Robert lives to find, record and source some of our earth's rarest creations.

You can contact us to source the perfect gemstone for your jewelry requirements, investment pieces or simply to share his knowledge and experience. Robert is excited to include his blog sharing his latest travels, thoughts, and expertise with you.

Fine trilliant-cut Tanzanite