HD VIDEO - Today our World is a place full of Stories and Experiences asking to be shared.

Our world has evolved into a place where our stories want to be heard. A place where our experiences are asking to be shared. And we want to know to be able to share it with our friends and family. Today you get to see and hear a bit more about the mining of tanzanite, and get more first-hand knowledge from me.

Getting to share my geological and gemological experiences with you is so personally rewarding, and I believe, so very important to our industry and to our customers. Very few people can go or have ever been underground, and even fewer get to experience being in a professional and responsible mining operation. TanzaniteOne/STAMICO operating on Block C of Tanzania's tanzanite gemstone deposit employ hundreds of local men and women - they train them and pay them a living salary (wage). The company is partners with the local Maasai community assisting them with sustainable water supply and both medical and educational projects. For the professional mining operations, CSR (Community Social Responsibility) has become a culture intwined into the operational daily tasks of the management team.

It is a privilege to be part of companies and operations like this that get involved beyond just their primary mining objective.