HD VIDEO - See how and where Tanzanite formed in the earth.

Tanzanite is only found in one place on earth. Most of us know where, and at the same time appreciate its rarity. In my previous blog post, I gave one of the first real opportunities for many of you to join me underground in a professionally mined Tanzanite mine. Today I add what could arguably described as an even rarer opportunity and that is to see the geology - the rocks as I see them and what, as a geologist, read, to point the miners in the right direction to find the Tanzanite. Remember, unlike gold, coal and iron ore, which you simply sample for and follow, with colored gemstone mining, you are reading the rock because you cannot a gemstone, i.e. you cannot predict where a fluid is going to crystallise in the ground. 

As you can see from the video, it is difficult mining conditions, harsh, bright cap lamps and 100% humidity at the working faces. It is a pleasure to share the true origin of where the Tanzanite was created, with its associated minerals and the rocks the gems form in. 

Many geologists, gemologists, specimen and mineral collectors don't realise or appreciate that the final shape, size and beauty of their treasured specimen is 100% controlled by the size of the pocket, fluids and conditions that were available at the time the specimen crystallised. Keep this in mind when you see the pockets of mineralisation in this video. What you see here is what makes each gem and specimen 100% unique.